Molecular Med TRI-CON 2017

February 19-24 – San Francisco, CA

Booth 507

AMP 2016 Annual Meeting

November 10-12, 2016 – Charlotte, NC

Booth 309

Corporate Workshop Day, Charlotte Convention Center

Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference Molec-Med-Triconf-2016

March 6-11 – San Francisco, CA

Booth 516

Managing mission critical specimens and test results for regulated diagnostic labs, research labs and clinical trials

Guest Lecture, Westminster College

April 29, 2015 – Salt Lake City, Utah

Presented by Daniel Steenblik:

Software as a Circus: Clown Computing with Dan
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Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference 2015molecular-med_tricon_2015

February 15-20 – San Francisco, CA

Presented by Daniel Steenblik:

Can You Handle a Million Tests per Year? Transitioning from Clinical Trials to a Validated, High-Throughput Diagnostics Operation
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SCOPE Summit 2014scope-summit-2014

February 4-6 – Miami, FL

Presented by Daniel Steenblik:

Integrated Specimen Tracking and Annotation – From Study Design and Analysis to Results
Challenges faced transitioning our clinical trial sample tracking system into a simple and sleek LIS that employs tablets, monitoring, workflow metrics, captures quality indicators, and maintains traditional LIMS functionality. How supporting the needs of a new lab led us to a new collaborative SAAS model – sampleminded®: Service As A Service.

SCOPE Summit 2013scope-summit-2014

February 5-7 – Miami, FL

Presented by Debi Koltenuk:

Mind the Gap with sampleminded®: Collection and Annotation of Clinical Research Samples Based on Study Design and Operational Workflows
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SCOPE Summit 2012scope-summit-2014

February 7-9 – Miami, FL

Presented by Debi Koltenuk:

Integrated Specimen Tracking and Annotation: From Study Design and Analysis to Results
Bio-specimen collection requires deliberate forethought to ensure samples are processed in accordance with original study design, and also in anticipation of future research opportunities. Without proper identification, custody and consent tracking, and continued annotation, these specimens lose their value to research. sampleminded® proposes a model integrating study design, assay results, and observational data at the specimen level, which translates to a powerful and richly annotated resource for current and future research.
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