Built to Be Nimble: The New Sampleminded Website is Live!

Staying ahead of advancements in laboratory management, clinical research and scientific data management means the Sampleminded team has to stay flexible and nimble. It’s how we meet and exceed our customers’ goals every day. So when it came time to re-launch the Sampleminded website, our team took the same approach.

We started by partnering with agencies who had the expertise we needed but were also like-minded in working with agility. Rocket + Walker took the lead on website design and branding while Lightspeed PR managed content development and public relations.

We hope you’ll enjoy the results as much as we do! Our new site merges function, modern thinking and clear messaging to create a seamless approach for managing information and sharing knowledge – we think it’s a perfect reflection of our Sampleminded products.

As always our goal is to create solutions that are seamless and transparent based on the specific needs of the diagnostics lab or clinical research team. Please explore the site to learn more about how our team deploys easy-to-use systems, with ongoing support for regulatory compliance, that are flexible and nimble for our customers. Other site highlights include details on our Sampleminded Laboratory and Sampleminded Clinical Research systems, both built on an adaptable and scalable platform that keeps pace with constantly changing protocols.

We’ll continue to update the site as well, providing the latest on events, products and services, and best practices. Please share your thoughts or questions in our comment section or reach out to us directly if you would like to learn more.