Sampleminded Laboratory System Allows Cologuard to Significantly Increase Test Volume

Sampleminded is pleased to announce today our ongoing collaboration with Exact Sciences, creator of Cologuard®, the first FDA-approved noninvasive stool DNA screening test for colorectal cancer.

cologuard kit

By utilizing Sampleminded’s highly configurable and intuitive Laboratory System, Exact Sciences has been able to successfully manage the increasing number of samples and test results due to Cologuard’s global expansion.

“We evaluated a number of different options, but the Sampleminded team delivered. Our team had worked with giant off–the-shelf LIMS systems before, but they’re massive and expensive to implement. Trying to bend a big system like that to our needs would have taken too long and resulted in something we didn’t want. Sampleminded took all the complexities of our process and distilled it into a program that not only met our current needs, but anticipated future ones.”

Theran Myers, Technical Laboratory Manager, Exact Sciences

Our entire team is thrilled that the Sampleminded Laboratory System has been an integral part of Cologuard’s expansion and continued success, and we hope to share more about this exciting partnership in the near future.

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