Sampleminded VP Departs for Humanitarian Visit to South Africa

Part of Global Caring Initiative for Healthcare Information Technology & Data Solutions Company

SALT LAKE CITY—March 6, 2017— Sampleminded VP of Business Development Christina Goleman will travel on a 13-day humanitarian visit to South Africa. The effort is in partnership with South Africa Cares for Life, a South African-based nonprofit focused on “changing the destiny of South African children.”

Goleman will travel to Pretoria as part of a six-person American team. Together they will deliver children’s clothing and daily care items to SA Cares for Life’s ABBA House orphanage, as well as meet with local nonprofit and community leaders to develop strategies for increasing support for SA Cares for Life programs.

“These young children in South Africa are facing challenges we can’t imagine,” said Goleman. “Most are orphans and others are escaping unsafe conditions. SA Cares for Life provides a loving, safe haven for them, helps them find placement with adoptive or foster families, and operates several community-wide prevention and intervention programs. At Sampleminded, we’re a worldwide provider of healthcare information technology and data solutions that advance healthcare, so we’re passionate about the health and well-being of at-risk communities around the globe. We provide planning, structure and resources that alleviate suffering and provide education and services to an at-risk population. My colleagues aided in making this trip possible through donations, covering in my absence, and through our generous PTO policy that allows any of our employees the freedom to pursue individual passions.”

Upon her return, Goleman, who volunteers time as Marketing Chair for South Africa Cares for Life, will create communications and partnership strategies to expand the reach and resources for the humanitarian organization. For more information on providing support for the South African initiatives, please visit:

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